Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Proanagen Hair Solution Review"

Hi Everyone!!!
Everyone has hair related problems once in a life time and sometimes this problem becomes a very big problem and bothers you a lot and gives you sleepless nights.
Same happened with me and i tried all the products available to stop hairfall and finally my doctor saved my life...
I want to share my experience and help others who have the same problem...
Let me review this product "Proanagen Solution" which is a hair treatment spray... Dont get me wrong but hair treatment sprays are the best and they are leave in all night....

Price: 675 INR

Proanagen Solution


Proanagen  hair spray was prescribed by my doctor a dermatologist..It is manufactured by Swiss Garnier Genexiaa Sciences South Sikkim... Marketed by "CURATIO"
Chennai... It comes in a bottle of 100ml with a pump applicator...Composition mentioned on pack is Diaminopyrimidine Oxide 1.5%w/v in Green Apple Skin extract base...
What is Diaminopyrimidine Oxide??? How will it help me?
Diaminopyrimidine Oxide(Kopexil) is a chemical compound... This compound was used to treat High Blood Pressure but caused a side effect ie "INCREASED HAIR GROWTH"
 Kopexil Diaminopyrimidine Oxide A fortifying hair growth active for hair care formulation ,
Clinically proven to be effective Strengthens hair from root to tip Promotes hair thickness Ceases hair loss Accelerates hair growth Reinforces hair anchoring..It
increases the volume of hair in the growth stage by working on the deep structure of the roots. It rejuvenates the hair roots so that healthy hair growth can persist. ...

My View:

I had severe hairfall and dandruff which was giving me sleepless nights... I was nearing baldness and everybody at home were worried with the amount of hairfall..
I started seeing patches on my scalp and that made me mad and use all sorts of herbal products which did not help at all..
Finally i rushed to my dermatologist who prescribed me "Proanagen Solution" which brought back my confidence and beauty,it is a spray to be used daily at nights only to scalp and massage gently,It is non sticky and alcohol free
 I must say Proanagen saved my life..
I was in depression due to my hairfall... Its a life saver and anyone who uses it will be amazed at the effect.. NOw i hardly see 4-5 strands on hair on the floor and that too only when i brush my hair..
I`snt that amazing in a months time?????... I have been using this since 2 months and its superb... It not only stopped hair-fall but i see my hair becoming thick and full of volume and also they have increased in length..
This is really a wonder solution and the best best best ever hair fall treatment.. Please guys give this a try and im sure you will come back to this blog to post a comment for sure..

Its a challenge!!!!

Overall Rating:
I give this product 5/5 for the wonderful product...

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