Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Denz & Darc HairOil Review"

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Winters here! Dry skin, hair loss and dandruff are the issues it brings with it. Hair loss and dandruff are the problems faced by many apart from skin problems
Today i would like to share my experience about a product which promises to combat hair loss and give hair a denser and good pigmentation..
Prescribed by doc and is a hair oil enriched with nutrients and safe herbal colouring pigments. Here is a review of "DENZ AND DAR HAIROIL"
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Price: 125 INR for 100ml

Denz & Darc Hair Oil


This oil has 7 most important ingredient not only to stop hair loss but also to help hair growth which makes it interesting. Let me tell you in brief about the ingredients
and how safe and useful these are for the well being of our crowning glory.
This oil a herb "Eclipta alba which is known as Kehraj" which offers a safe natural treatment to slow hair loss and accelerate hair growth.Kehraj, on the other hand, is all-natural
 and side-effect free. The herb is able to awaken hair follicles from their dormant state and prolong the amount of time they stay in the active, growing stage.
Kehraj not only rejuvenates damaged hair and scalp, but it has also been used as a black dye for coloring gray hair and inking tattoos.

Glycyrrhiza glabra is popularly known as Mulethi in India. It is know as Licorice across the globe.This effectice herb is used to cure patchy baldness ,
Roots are mixed with milk and saffron to make paste. This paste is applied on affected area at bed time on regular basis ..This is helpful in curing baldness
 and dandruff and excessive hair loss

Another important ingredient is Cynodon Dactylon known as durva grass or Bermuda grass Which also helps in curing dandruff and fights fungus or infection exixting on scalp.
Other ingredients are jasminum  grandiflorum ie Jasmine which is used as perfume also.. Used in hair oils to get rid of infection and promote scalp health.
This oil contains Sesamum indicum ie Sesame oil which is believed to to nourish damaged hair and scalp and gives hair radiance and good health. Regular use increases volume and thickness
and also darkens the hair..Makes hair soft, best for split hair dull and rough hair..

My Review:

All i would like to say is that this hair oil containts the best herbs which not only stop hair loss but also help in growth of hair.
So you dont have to find another hair oil specially for hair growth.. This one hair oil will solve all the hair related problems and can be said
as the one stop solution for all hair problems... I have noticed reduced hair loss in just 2 weeks. Have been using this hair oil for more than a month now
and i dont have to try any other product. If you have any hair issue you search ends here!!!

And the best part is, it does not have any side effects.. I use this oil twice daily as suggested by doc and wash hair twice with mild shampoo(i used scalpe for a month)..
And i use Triflow hair conditioner which is another best product for hair... I am very happy with the product as it is herbal and has no side effects and does it job well!

Give this product a try and you will be happy with it...

Overall rating:

I would give 4.5 out of 5 as i find it the best product and only constraint could be availability.. Found only in medical stores...