Thursday, October 31, 2013

REVLON Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under eye repair cream review

Hi Fashion lovers,

Today i will review REVLON under eye repair cream, lets see what this product offers us...
Of late i have seen dark circles and puffiness around my eyes and that is very saddening :(.. Nobody would like to see dark circles and puffiness around their eyes isn`t it? It makes you look old and you become conscious when people speak about it...

I tried many home remedies but none helped so thought i will try this cream, well REVLON seems a reliable brand right? Now coming to the product....

Price: 165 INR

Revlon Touch & Glow under eye cream

Fashion Diary

Fashion Diary

Complete list is not given but here are some key ingredients
Lanolin Alcohol, Octyl Methoxy,Cyclopentasiloxane,Cinnamate,1,3-Propanediol.

What Product Claims:
1. Fades away dark circles &spots
2.Prevents discoloration & puffiness.
3. Moisturizes & brightens eye area.

My view about this product:
Even after a month of usage i did not see any reduction in dark circles, puffiness has reduced to some extent.
I noticed some irritation and redishness so to test it i sent it to my friend to use it and she too experienced the same...
I will not purchase this again.. It did not do what it claims and in turn made my eyes irritated and red...Very disappointing product from Revlon...

Please write to me if you too have used this product..

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lotus herbals color dew nail enamel...Candy Drop Shade no 92 review

Hi fashion lovers,

Today i am reviewing Lotus Herbals Color Dew nail color shade no 92(Candy Drop)

This is my first product in Lotus Herbals and had heard from many that they are famous for Nailpolish range. I have not tried any other product in Lotus but i am happy to review this shade "Candy drop 92" 
Today morning i was so happy to receive my order through Flipkart.. Guess what i got this Lotus Nailpolish Candy drop shade no 92 and i was so happy after wearing it... I am very happy with the shade and pigmentation...

Price:104 INR

Product Claims:
Does not contain Toluene,Acetone,DBP. Fast drying...

My view:
This nail-polish does not smell as it does not contain acetone. Acetone is used as a thinner in paints.. Hence the smell. A very good pigmented nail-polish.. Gals who hate nail-polish smell can surely be happy as this does not smell at all..Smell was really a concern for me earlier but now i am happy.. Very good shades available in Lotus Herbals. I love the brush.. I think its the best among many top brands...Price is reasonable..

Candy Drop 92 on my nails...:)

Isn`t that a lovely shade from Lotus and how nice it looks ? Now coming to the main part..........................

  1. Does not have typical nail-paint smell at all.....:)
  2. Very good pigmentation
  3. Good brush for application
  4. Very nice consistency for application
  5. Drys fast compared to other nailpolish
  1. Only con is these nailpolish are not available in small cities.
  2. Have to order online 

Overall rating:
5/5... I am in  love with this product and shades. I would highly recommend this product.