Monday, December 23, 2013

"Streak Pro Hair Serum Review"

Hi Everybody!!!

Nearly 50% hair fall is due to combing tangled rough hair, many will agree with me right?
Have you come across a day when you felt that you have less time and you needed that extra shine to your hair without having to wash your hair because you had no time? Or have you been so busy and felt, that wish my hair was manageable and tangle free immediately? I`m sure every gal has come across such situations...Ok let me review a product to see how it works for situations.....

Price: 160 INR

Fashion Diary Streak Pro Hair Serum

What Product Claims:

The ultimate frizz-free formula instantly seals silky smoothness into hair cuticles. Enriched with Vitamin E smooth-ens rough and damaged strands to make them shiny and frizz-free.Used as a heat protection while using flat irons for  hair styling...

My View:

I see less hair on the floor when i comb my hair.. Its a lot easier to comb detangled hair....This serum is light weight, and does not weight down the hair...This serum works well to detangle hair and keeps it manageable at-least till you wash hair next time...The serum smell is fruity and not strong..
Though it works well to detangle hair, i would appreciate if it would give shine to hair which this serum did not give...That is a major con in this product and does not do what it claims....

I will recommend this if you hair is not manageable(please note i regularly use Triflow Hair conditioner).. If you are looking for shine also this is not the right choice...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Biotique- Bio Chlorophyll Oil Free Anti Acne Gel Review"

Hi Everyone!!!

Acne is such a problem that it lowers the confidence of the person suffering.. Acne can be caused by many reasons and it may also be a symptom of some other ailment, yes you heard it right... it may be a symptom also.. I suffered a lot due to acne and worst thing is dealing with the pores size and scars..I never came across a product that has no chemicals and yet effective.. That`s what Biotique claims... Let us see what "Biotoque Bi Chlorophyll  Oil Free Anti Acne Gel" has to offer...

Price: 178 INR

Fashion Diary Biotique- Bio Chlorophyll Oil Free Anti Acne Gel Review

Fashion Diary Biotique- Bio Chlorophyll Oil Free Anti Acne Gel Review

What product claims:

A unique gel that can works wonders on your skin is this Bio Chlorophyll Oil-Free Anti-Acne Gel and Post Hair Removal Soother from Biotique.After a hair removal treatment you can use this gel to pamper your skin and keep it healthy.This gel easily gets absorbed into your skin and tightens your pores, thereby reducing the appearance of blemishes on your skin...

My view:

Well!!! i trust Biotique products and have been using them for quiet some time...
This product is good  post hair removal to relax your skin...
This product did not reduce blemish but relaxes the skin if applied after a scrub,did not help to reduce pore size... It relaxes tired skin if you were exposed to sun for long time... I used it after waxing and it reduced redness and makes skin feel good... Nothing much to say...
I may continue using it after waxing but not for face as it did not do what it claimed....

I would recommend this product for use after waxing....

"Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Review"

Hi Everybody!!!!

Its winter and the season i hate most...Its bad for skin and hair... You need to do extra bit to see that you look good.. People who use lipsticks regularly know how important it is to keep your lips moisturized... Am i right ???? Everybody wants their lips to be pinkish and healthy and they do every bit to get them...Let me review the much advertised "Maybelline Baby Lips Balm" ...

Price: 150INR

Fashion Diary-Maybelline lip balm

What product claims:

Maybelline’s exclusive lip renew formula is enriched with SPF 20 that protects your lips from UV rays and keeps them soft and supple when you step out.Your lips feel reborn and soft and the moisture stays for the better part of 8 hours to ensure cushiony lips without having to reapply every few minutes.The unique formula protects your lips and moisturises them so they stay naturally soft and supple for 8 hours.

My view:

I have been hunting for  a product that would keep my lips moisturized for long time, i mean atleast for 5 hrs without having to re-apply...Since this product claims 8 hrs moisturizing, i had to give a try... It makes lips soft, exfoliates the lips (peels dead skin on lips) brings out tender skin... But the product does not do what it claims ie does not provide 8 hrs moisture... It did not even last 2 hrs and my lips were dry as usual and had to re-apply...If you do not go out it will work for you but not for working woman or woman who have to stay outdoors...
I think the sad thing about lip balms is you have to re-apply every 3 hrs...Otherwise this is a good product...

Friday, November 29, 2013

"Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner Review"

Hi Everyone!!!

In todays polluted atmosphere and people who have to go out daily face many issues with hair.. Problems like dull,dry hair,dandruff to name a few...Sunsilk introduced a new conditioner ie " Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner " advertisements which you see in TV... I thought let me try his and see whether it does what it says.....

Price: 56 INR for 80ml

Fashion Diary-Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner

What product claims:

New Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner is infused with 5 natural oils..Replenishes the hair by sealing in the nourishment to give healthy, long lasting shine...This product claims to give shine to hair that would last long...

  1. Price  is ok for the quantity and quality offered
  2. Does not make hair oily
  3. Easily available in any shop

  1. Consistency of conditioner is runny..
  2. Color is not good....
  3. Loaded with chemicals...

My view:

Conditioner is runny consistency...Smell is fruity and nice and mild....I am a regular hair conditioner user... Since this product claimed lasting shine for hair i tried this... I must say it really did what it said.. The shine lasts for 4-5 days... Isn`t that good 1 week time...

People who want long lasting shine must give this a try for sure.......

    Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    "Biotique-Bio Papaya Scrub Review"

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Back again with another product from Biotique... Exfoliating the skin in winter is as necessary as moisturizing it...I have oily skin and i have to take care to see that i stay away from blackheads,whiteheads and keep the skin healthy... Today i will review this scrub which i have been using since 5 months....

    Price: 199 INR for 85gms

    Fashion Diary-Biotique Bio Papaya

    Fashion Diary-Biotique Bio Papaya

    What product claims:

    This Biotique scrub gently exfoliates your skin by removing impurities and pollutants that clog pores making your skin free from acne. The Papaya Scrub dissolves dead epithelial cells on your skin thus making it smooth and clean. The natural ingredients provide nourishment to your skin and make it radiant from within. The soothing scrub is dermatologically tested and is apt to use every day. The scrub also has a polishing effect that enhances the shine of your skin naturally.

    1. It does make your skin soft
    2. Helps getting rid of blackheads/whiteheads
    1. Packing is a problem and not hygienic
    2. Makes skin oily after some time of application

    My View:

    Smell is of raw papaya which many gals may not like.. It is very thick and must be diluted with few drops of water to easily massage on face...Can be used as pack also but i prefer massaging as it has small granules which will remove the blackheads if any...
    First of all this scrub is used for exfoliating, so i don`t think it can be used daily as the company claims...Too much exfoliating can in turn damage the skin cells... So once a week is more than enough...Since my skin is oily i use this once in 15 days...
    It makes the skin feel smooth and gives glow to skin...

    I do not recommend this to people who are suffering from severe acne, rosacea, rashes/red spots.. It may worsen the condition..


    "Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar Review"

    Hi Everyone!

    How are you doing??? Its winter season and one of the worst for skin and hair... My skin is oily but i still need to take care in winter.. I tried many body lotions which did not work to my expectations... Finally bought "Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar, Flawless lightening lotion"... I have been using this since 2 months.. So this is the correct time to review.. Lets see what this product has to give us...

    Price: 199 INR

    Fashion Diary- Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar

    Fashion Diary- Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar

    What product claims:

    First of all this body lotion can be used for face too.. Product claims that it is a lightening lotion and replaces natural oils (now whats that!!!! :( )..Replenishes lost it brightens skin for a noticeably fairer complexion...

    My view:

    Biotique has always been reliable for me...
    I liked this body lotion, since natural ingredients and no chemicals are used...It has a  very mild fragrance and lingers for some time.. I did not notice any fairer complexion, may be i need to continue using for longer time to see that...It moisturizes the skin and gives a nice glow...People with any skin type can use it... Dry skin people might need one more application at night...


    1. No chemicals
    2. Very nice fragrance
    3. Gives skin a natural glow
    4. Definitely moisturizes the skin
    5. Gets quickly absorbed and non sticky
    1. Availability may be an issue & supply too..
    2. Packing is not good...
    3. Does not lighten the skin as it claims

    I will surely recommend this product to everyone....

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    "Triflow Hair Conditioner Review"

    Hi Everyone!

    Had a very bad tennis elbow and was away from my blog for sometime.. Its winter and its really bad for the pain i am suffering... And very bad weather for the hair too....:(
    Hair becomes very dry and difficult to manage in this weather... But i found a solution to this problem and i am happy and want to share my views about this product...
    "TRIFLOW HAIR CONDITIONER FROM CURATIO" ...Curatio Healthcare Pvt Limited is a speciality dermatology company..For people who do not know here is the reference:

    PRICE: 349 INR for 150g



    What product claims:

    Triflow moistures your hair and makes it feel soft and gentle..It detangles the hair,makes it silky soft and manageable.. Triflow also suits colored hair,treated hair and hair with split ends..Regular use makes hair silky...

    My view:

    The conditioner consistency is creamy thick not runny like other normal conditioners in market, which is good actually and it wont slip from your hands and get wasted while applying .. Again price is high for 150gms...
    This product was prescribed by doctor and it really did what it claims... Hair is silky, manageable from day 1... I like this product and smell is also good.. I don`t know how much it works for colored hair.. I use henna and i could see it makes the hair color radiant and glossy...
    I will highly recommend this to people who have sensitive scalp... It works well....
     No significant pros and  but 1 con is price is very high!!!!!
    Thanks  for reading...Will be back with another review.. More reviews coming soon...
    Take care!!!!

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    "SLC Face Wash Review"

    Hi friends,

    How are you all doing? Today i will review a face wash called "SLC Face Wash" prescribed by doctor..SLC means Salicylic acid & Lactic acid Gel.. We`ll get into the details of these ingredients as i begin to review...

    Price: 180 INR

    What the product claims:

    Main ingredients used are Salicyclic and Lactic acid.. This face wash helps in keeping acne and its marks away and making skin younger and glowing..
    Salicylic acid is found in lotions and creams,face cleansers, medicated treatment pads, solutions or "toners." Salicyclic acid clears clogged pores hence keeping skin away from Acne. Lactic acid is a natural exfoliator that works to shed off dead skin from skin surface...Lactic acid  is found in fruits and now widely used in many face cleaners as it also has anti-ageing properties...And completely safe when used in moderate quantity or as suggested on the packing... 

    My view:

    This face wash was prescribed by doctor for acne treatment and i really like this product... It helps exfoliating the skin...This face wash had given me good results.. It reduced the pore size,reduced fine wrinkles, peels off dead skin and makes skin appear lighter and youthful... Acne do not appear again... It prevents further acne marks from forming and is very gentle on skin...You need just a small quantity... Use this product either in the evening or morning only once in a day... Exfoilating your skin is good but too much can harm skin...Only care you need to take is, do not go out in sun without a sunscreen lotion when using this product... Otherwise there is no side effect at all... 

    Overall rating:

    5/5 i simply love this product and the result it gives is best...

    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Fresh Growth Oil Review

    Hi friends,

    Few months back i had terrible hair and scalp condition and tried a lot to improve my scalp health and wanted my hair to become dense, shiny and healthy... I tried products heavily loaded with chemicals and the condition became worst. My friend suggested to try "Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Fresh Growth Oil " Its been a month i have been using it..And here i am to review this hair oil..

    Price: 159 INR

    Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Fresh Growth Oil 
    What product claims:

    Product claims that it is an intensive hair growth treatment, helps treat alopecia and other causes of hair loss..
    Also encourages fresh growth and also diminishes greying..


    1. Makes hair really very soft and manageable
    2. Slowly reduces hairfall.
    3. Add shine to hair.


    1. Smell is bit weird( Ayurvedic medicines usually do smell like that )
    2. Packing is not good..
    3. Does not help hair growth which is main drawback.

    My view:

    I do not like the smell.. Oil is bit sticky.. It gives a nice shine to hair.. This oil has reduced hair-fall and made hair look healthy and shiny... I have not seen any growth as it claims..But i really like the shine it gives to hair..
    People who want to give life to their dull looking hair must try this...

    Lakme 9 to 5 Long Wear Nail Polish "Shade-Rust Project" review

    Hi Friends,

    How are you all doing? Today i will review "Lakme 9-5 range nail-polish in the shade Rust Project" 

    Now why Lakme has nail-polish in 9 to 5 is left for them to explain.. Ok, lets get started...

    Price: 200 INR

    Lakme Nail-Polish 9 - 5 Rust Project

    Lakme Nail-Polish 9 - 5 Rust Project

    Lakme Nail-Polish 9 - 5 Rust Project

    What product claims:

    Lakme launched 9-5 range with the aim that its users need not worry about their makeup for a good 8 hrs..Now why this nail-polish in this range? Anyways!!!

    My view:

    Lakme has this shade in 9- 5 range.....Anyways its a beautiful shade in pink... It looks like natural rose petal color.. Don`t know why it is named as "rust project" because its such a pretty pink shade...
    I just loved the shade.. It has good consistency and dries soon.. Does not smell badly not good either...The brush is not that good for application... Just one application is enough as it has good pigmentation..
    Does it look good on my nails?

    Saturday, November 2, 2013

    Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant Spray review

    Hi friends,

    Today i am going to review "Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deo Spray"....
    Deodorants have become a must have for people who stay long hours outdoors...  I have been trying a lot of deo sprays but none of them impressed me or can say did what they claimed...Until i found "Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant Spray". Today i will share my view about this product...Lets see what this product has to offer...

    Price: 175 INR

    Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant Spray

    What product claims:
    1. 48 hrs regulation of prespiration
    2. Skin tolerant
    3. No alcohol/colorants
    4.Contains pearl extracts.

    My view:

    My search for a good deo spray has ended after i bought this deo...I like the mild gentle,feminine fragrance it gives after a single spray.. Just a single spray is just enough... It really does what it claims, full marks from my side... Its really mild on the skin and does not irritate like other deo sprays, seriously!!!!
    I will surely recommend this deo spray to all who are looking for skin friendly,good and long lasting fragrance....

    UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum review

    Hi Fashion lovers,

    The other day my little sister asked me to get a perfume for her.. But her conditions were, the perfume should be mild, not very strong smelling yet lingering...She is very sensitive to strong smelling perfumes and hates them because she tends to get headache...
    As a elder sister i had to fulfill her wish and i went out hunting for a good perfume and happened to pick
    "UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum" 
    Since then wanted to review this perfume.. So here it is...

    Price: 850 but got it on discount for 543

    UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum

    UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum

    1. Lingering
    2. Not strong smelling.
    3. Skin friendly
    4. Stays for a long time,a whole day

    1.Very mild
    2. People who like strong smells may not like this perfume

    My View:

    My sister loved it.. It is very mild yet long lasting... Smells good... Initially it smells floral,i got rose petal smell and later you get fruity smell.. People who are sensitive to strong perfumes will love this perfume.. It is amazingly long lasting... A must try...

    Thursday, October 31, 2013

    REVLON Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under eye repair cream review

    Hi Fashion lovers,

    Today i will review REVLON under eye repair cream, lets see what this product offers us...
    Of late i have seen dark circles and puffiness around my eyes and that is very saddening :(.. Nobody would like to see dark circles and puffiness around their eyes isn`t it? It makes you look old and you become conscious when people speak about it...

    I tried many home remedies but none helped so thought i will try this cream, well REVLON seems a reliable brand right? Now coming to the product....

    Price: 165 INR

    Revlon Touch & Glow under eye cream

    Fashion Diary

    Fashion Diary

    Complete list is not given but here are some key ingredients
    Lanolin Alcohol, Octyl Methoxy,Cyclopentasiloxane,Cinnamate,1,3-Propanediol.

    What Product Claims:
    1. Fades away dark circles &spots
    2.Prevents discoloration & puffiness.
    3. Moisturizes & brightens eye area.

    My view about this product:
    Even after a month of usage i did not see any reduction in dark circles, puffiness has reduced to some extent.
    I noticed some irritation and redishness so to test it i sent it to my friend to use it and she too experienced the same...
    I will not purchase this again.. It did not do what it claims and in turn made my eyes irritated and red...Very disappointing product from Revlon...

    Please write to me if you too have used this product..

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Lotus herbals color dew nail enamel...Candy Drop Shade no 92 review

    Hi fashion lovers,

    Today i am reviewing Lotus Herbals Color Dew nail color shade no 92(Candy Drop)

    This is my first product in Lotus Herbals and had heard from many that they are famous for Nailpolish range. I have not tried any other product in Lotus but i am happy to review this shade "Candy drop 92" 
    Today morning i was so happy to receive my order through Flipkart.. Guess what i got this Lotus Nailpolish Candy drop shade no 92 and i was so happy after wearing it... I am very happy with the shade and pigmentation...

    Price:104 INR

    Product Claims:
    Does not contain Toluene,Acetone,DBP. Fast drying...

    My view:
    This nail-polish does not smell as it does not contain acetone. Acetone is used as a thinner in paints.. Hence the smell. A very good pigmented nail-polish.. Gals who hate nail-polish smell can surely be happy as this does not smell at all..Smell was really a concern for me earlier but now i am happy.. Very good shades available in Lotus Herbals. I love the brush.. I think its the best among many top brands...Price is reasonable..

    Candy Drop 92 on my nails...:)

    Isn`t that a lovely shade from Lotus and how nice it looks ? Now coming to the main part..........................

    1. Does not have typical nail-paint smell at all.....:)
    2. Very good pigmentation
    3. Good brush for application
    4. Very nice consistency for application
    5. Drys fast compared to other nailpolish
    1. Only con is these nailpolish are not available in small cities.
    2. Have to order online 

    Overall rating:
    5/5... I am in  love with this product and shades. I would highly recommend this product.